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Guild Rules

Let's see,

We are Devotees of the God Thord, He is the Angry God of Typos and and Foolish Heroes
The Thord's Prayer
"F*** 'em....They were asking for it...Amen"

Rank Section 8 and up can use the guild bank and put runs on the calendar, Occasionally you may get a "canceled run notice" for a run in the past we already did, this is because there is a limit to the number of runs one person can post and to get more onto the calendar sometimes old ones have to get canceled. Eventually they drop off on their own, but not quick enough in some cases.

The Bank Tabs are clearly described on the info for each tab, there's a swap meet, a crafting and a consumables tab. Please read the instructions for each tab before using the Gbank

Section 8 and up can take repairs from the bank fund up to a daily limit of 30g. You can use this at any point during the day, you do not have to save it for guild runs etc. It resets each day. If you feel particularly responsible for a wipe on a guild run feel free to assuage your guilt with a donation to the repair fund.

If you Die, try to Die fancy.

No Plate helm for stuntmonkey EVER

The Addon GuildGreet is strictly forbidden, anyone caught using it will be ridiculed mercilessly. And possibly gkicked.

We do not actively recruit from the old guild. However anyone from the old guild asking for assylum will be given it no questions asked.

Bitching about the old guild is Forbidden, Of the three Gkicks we've actually done, two were people digging for dirt and bitching about the old guild.
The other gkick was for too much drama, which is the other thing strictly forbidden... no drama. at all.

guild motto's
"Lemme try something" (this is also referred to as Plan "G" and when someone says this they mean to try some form of solo suicide and you are not to interfere)

"They were like this when I got here"

We follow the code of the reverse ninja. Enter loudly, Give something to someone and leave silently.

When we need it we use the in-game voice chat, although we realize not everyone can or does use it, so we try to be good about typing too. If you can at least set your system up to listen to it, please do, but don't stress over it.

Sundays and Tuesdays we run For Achievements These are normally old world and BC runs of things. Sundays the standing time is 5:30 pm Server time and Tuesdays are 7:30 pm Server time.


Sign up for these on the character you will be bringing in the guild calendar

Thursdays and Fridays are Runs for the Daily Dungeons in Northrend, We will chose between heroic and normal once we see what's available for that day.

Our Loot Rules are as follows:

On the Sunday and tuesday low level runs

Roll Greed on Everything, if you can actually use something Roll NEED. The only change to this policy is if we have a DE on team (Tirla or Slackweaver) in which case everyone rolls greed on BoE and passes on BoP then rolls for the DE mats (the DE'rs roll greed to take the item)

In On Level runs, take a minute to actually read the stats and tell everyone if you plan on rolling need on BoP items. If no one needs them pass and DE or Vendor trash roll will happen.


Nodes in Instances

When you see a node, Call for an Herb roll (Herb nodes and skins of Herb Skin Mobs), a Miners roll (Ore nodes and Mineskin Mobs), or an Engineering roll (this would be for mote clouds and skinning of Robot mobs) UNLESS you know for a FACT that you are the only gatherer able to get that node, in which case heed the following procedure without first calling for a roll

1) Point the node out in case it was in a direction we were not planning to clear
2) WAIT until the area around the node is clear of Mobs (it's not going anywhere and we aren't gonna ninja patient)
3) DO NOT gather while the team is still in combat.

The reason for not looting/gathering in combat is because of two main issues
The profusion of roll pop ups can be very annoying during a fight, but more importantly If you are looting or gathering, you aren't healing/dpsing/tanking which, since we are still fighting, is what we need you to be doing. The stuff isn't going anywhere, you'll get to see it all , gather and roll on it just the same after every thing is dead. Be Patient

If you put a run on the calendar because you are going after something specific, include that info on the calendar and repeat it upon forming team.

Uhm... that really all I can think of rule wise that we've decided on. If you guys can think of anything else feel free to add to this thread.
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